Alison Kane

Alison Kane is an experienced retail merchant with a background in merchandising and e-commerce.

Alison came to Lindsay in 2017 after an impressive background that included working as a buyer for Discovery Channel Stores and others such as Party City.

She began her career in retail with Imaginarium toy stores that specialized in educational toys and games. Alison was excited to join Lindsay and bring her wealth of knowledge to the organization. In less than a year, she helped to increase retail revenue in the Lindsay Store by 20%.

Alison enjoys selecting items that are educational and fun. The items she chooses for the Lindsay Store are a combination of souvenirs, educational books, and toys that teach both children and their parents about living in harmony with wildlife.

Alison received her bachelor of arts degree in Communications from San Francisco State University.

Alison especially loves Lindsay’s furry animal ambassadors, as they remind her of her two Corgis, Toby and Trixie!