Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl
Athene cunicularia

If you look carefully at many East Bay fields, you may see a pair of yellow eyes peering back! These diurnal, or daytime, owls are common inhabitants of western North/Central American pastures, deserts, vacant lots, and areas occupied by ground mammals.

While relatively widespread throughout their range, their population is in decline in many areas due to habitat conversion and increased exposure to agricultural chemicals. Protection of native grassland habitats and a shift to less harmful pesticides (or their elimination) can be effective tools to help these unique owls thrive far into our future!

Pueo, our Burrowing Owl, hatched on May 27, 2011, at the Indianapolis Zoo and grew up at the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens located in Palm Desert, Riverside County. A likely animal attack from outside her enclosure in March 2018 severely injured her right leg; unfortunately, her foot fell off due to necrosis during the healing process.

Pueo arrived at Lindsay Wildlife Experience in February 2019 for specialized care. Our excellent husbandry and hospital team are working with outside partners to build her a prosthetic leg through a partnership called the Burrowing Owl Prosthetic Project (BOPP). Your generous donations help make pioneering work like the BOPP possible!