California Red-legged Frog

California red-legged frog
Rana draytonii

As its name suggests, this frog species is only found in California. In fact, it is our official ‘State Amphibian’! Despite its grand status, this reddish frog is listed as a federally threatened species— having disappeared from over 70% of its historic range as their habitats were developed into farms and cities.

They are the largest frog native to our state and are still quite common along the coast. In San Mateo county, they continue to be an important food source for the endangered San Francisco Garter Snake.

Paprika, our red-legged frog, came to Lindsay Wildlife Experience from a middle school aquatic tank in 2017. Having spent many years away from its natural habitat, this frog is unlikely to survive if released back into the wild. As a non-releasable animal, Paprika is a permanent resident here at Lindsay. Under our excellent care, we hope that Paprika can continue to inspire our guests and students with a sense of environmental responsibility for years to come.