Mexican Free-Tailed Bat


Mexican Free-Tailed Bat
Tadarida brasiliensis

We currently house two Mexican free-tailed bats, Eddie Munster and Uncle Fester. Both were rescued in September of 2018.

Eddie Munster was rescued after being caught in a sticky trap located in an office building in Livermore. Uncle Fester was found unable to fly outside of a Petco in Walnut Creek.  Both were treated at Lindsay Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital. During their process of rehabilitation, it was determined that due to their injuries, neither would be able to fly thus significantly hurting their ability to hunt and evade predation. As a result, they were determined to be non-releasable. 

Our Mexican free-tailed bats live in an enclosure that is designed to promote their natural behavior while also allowing them to compensate for their inability to fly.  For school programs and community events, we created unique travel enclosures that are safe for up-close encounters with these fantastic species ambassadors.