Private Animal Experiences

V.I.Peek Encounters

Lindsay guests are very important people, and it is our pleasure to offer you V.I.Peek Encounters.

With V.I.Peek, you can meet some of our animal ambassadors in an amazing, up-close way. A Lindsay staff member brings the animals to you in a private setting to share the animals’ personal stories and natural history. These encounters are wonderful gifts for individuals and great for large groups as well. Your two options are:

  • 30-minute V.I.Peek: 2 animals, up to 30 people, ages 4 to adult, $100
  • 60-minute V.I.Peek: 3 animals, up to 30 people, ages 4 to adult, $150

Meet the Animals!

The animals you can meet (t touchable, * extra fee, click here for animals’ profiles):

Birds: American kestrel, band-tailed pigeon, barn owl, barred owl, golden eagle(*), great gray owl, great horned owl, mourning dove, peregrine falcon, red-shouldered hawk, red-tailed hawk, Swainson’s hawk, turkey vulture, white-tailed kite

Mammals: rabbit (t), rat (t), guinea pig (t), Mexican free-tailed bat, opossum, porcupine(*)(t)

Reptiles: Ca. king snake (t), chuckwalla (t), desert tortoise (t), gopher snake (t), northern and southern alligator lizard

Invertebrates: black widow spider, Chilean rose hair tarantula (t), desert millipede (t),  Jerusalem crickets (t), Madagascar hissing cockroaches (t)

Click here to register for your V.I.Peek Encounter!

V.I.Peek is available every day between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Participation in this program does not include exhibit hall entry. We ask for registration to occur three weeks before your chosen date.

Keeper Experience

Go behind the scenes with an animal keeper in this unique one-hour experience. Meet animal keepers, help prepare a meal or enrichment activity, and learn how Lindsay cares for its animal ambassadors.

  • Ages: 10–adult; participants 10–14 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Max participants: 4
  • Length: 1 hour
  • Fee: $200 (members) / $220 (non-members) for 2 participants
  • $75 (members) / $85 (non-members) per additional person (4 max)
  • When: offered Tuesday through Sunday; advance registration required
  • Registration: at least four weeks notice recommended; email: