Brian Ventura

Lindsay’s Director of Operations, Brian Ventura, has been with the wildlife center since 2017.

He has more than 18 years of experience in all areas of residential property management and building maintenance.

Brian is committed to ensuring a safe and problem-free work environment and extraordinary guest experience throughout Lindsay’s 28,000 square foot facility, its grounds, and outdoor classrooms. At Lindsay, Brian has successfully overseen the installation of a multi-million dollar HVAC upgrade, helped upgrade Lindsay exhibits and and is a key point person working with the City of Walnut Creek.

Brian has a passion for problem-solving and learning, and enjoys the challenge of using his skills and experience to benefit Lindsay’s wildlife ambassadors and the legion of staff and volunteers who care for them. He graduated from the Institute of Business and Technology (IBT) in Santa Clara with a degree in electrical and mechanical drafting, and attended Mission College.