Dr. Brian Cypher

Dr. Brian Cypher is the Associate Director and also a Research Ecologist with the Endangered Species Recovery Program at CSU-Stanislaus, and he also is an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Biological Sciences.  After completing his Ph.D. in Zoology at Southern Illinois University, he came to California to conduct conservation research on rare species.

His primary interest is the ecology and conservation of wild canids.  Since 1990, he has conducted extensive work with endangered San Joaquin kit foxes, but also has been working with island foxes, coyotes, red foxes, and gray foxes.  He also routinely works with a variety of other rare species, including kangaroo rats, shrews, antelope squirrels, pocket mice, and even plants!  The focus of his research is to learn more about the ecology and life history of these species, and then to use that information to develop effective conservation strategies.  A significant emphasis of his recent work has been the ecology, conservation, and management of San Joaquin kit foxes and other canids in the city of Bakersfield, and that is the primary topic of his presentation.

Dr. Cypher will be at Lindsay Wildlife June 9 for Conservation Icons. Buy tickets by clicking here!