Emma Molinare

Emma Molinare has always wanted a career working with wildlife. While other kids in her class wanted to be superheroes or astronauts, Emma knew that she wanted to care for wild animals.

To follow her dream, she volunteered at Brookfield Zoo where educated the public about animals of the world. Emma returned to the job during the summer while she attended college. During the school year, she educated visitors at Henry Vilas Zoo. She worked with ambassador animals to connect people with wildlife and nature. Emma interned at 4 Lakes Wildlife Center, where she learned triage, diagnosis, and medicine for wild animals.

Emma received her bachelor’s degree in Zoology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, then interned at the Marine Mammal Center in their Stranding Department. After the internship, she became a seasonal wildlife rehabilitator at the Peninsula Humane Society, where she learned more about the diversity of California wildlife.

Despite these opportunities, Emma felt something was missing. She wanted to form relationships with wildlife, and an internship at the Center for Animal Research and Education provided her with the opportunity to work with big cats, ring-tailed lemurs, and a coati. At this wildlife sanctuary, Emma fostered bonds and relationships with all the animals. She also conducted tours, which sustained her passion for educating the public.

Emma came to Lindsay Wildlife Experience in 2014 as the Interpretive Programs Keeper. In this role, she supervised the youth volunteer program, cared for the domestic animals, and educated visitors about California wildlife.

In 2017, she became the Senior Animal Keeper and transitioned into a role where she could better form relationships with all of Lindsay Wildlife Experience’s animal ambassadors. Animal welfare has always been Emma’s top priority, resulting in updated enrichment, enclosures, and training protocols. Lindsay’s raptors were also trained to fly that same year.

Emma became the Curator of Animal Encounters in 2018, and the Director of Wildlife Connections in 2021. Her goal is to continue bettering the welfare of Lindsay’s animal ambassadors and to inspire the public to protect the world that we all share.