Take a Hike Geocaching

Thursday, December 3, 2020 10:00 am - 4:00 pm ,

Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity in which participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver to find containers called ‘geocaches’ hidden all over the world in neighborhood parks, walking trails, and businesses. Each geocache can be found by following a GPS receiver to its location using a set of coordinates. Fortunately, most smart phones have a GPS receiver built right in!

Hidden around the Lindsay Wildlife Experience are five geocaches. If you would like to participate follow the instructions below to find them.


  1. On your smart phone navigate to Google.com/maps.
  2. Into the search bar of Google.com/maps, type in a set of coordinates to a geocache from the list below EXACTLY as it presented (the comma and negative sign are very important).
  3. A red pin will appear on your smart phone map. This is the location of the geocache.Your location will show up as a blue dot.
  4. DO NOT ASK GOOGLE.COM/MAPS FOR DIRECTIONS. These distances are far too small for that to work.
  5. Walk in the direction of the red pin until the blue dot (your location) gets close to the red pin (the geocache location).

When you reach the geocache location look around for the geocache itself. It will be a terracotta pot full of natural objects. Take one of the objects to prove you found the geocache.

PLEASE DO NOT ENTER AREAS NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! Keep your head up and pay attention to where you are walking. Please do not jump fences or hop over chains–go around instead.

Geocache Coordinates: (Listed from easiest to hardest.)

  1. Clue: Please Recycle, Coordinates 37.923232, -122.075512
  2. Clue: Nature Garden, Coordinates 37.923879, -122.075448
  3. Clue: Hoo Hoot, Coordinates 37.923203, -122.075593
  4. Clue: Ecology Lesson, Coordinates 37.923603, -122.075506
  5. Clue: Selig, Coordinates 37.923698, -122.075302

More Geocaching Fun: Now that you’ve finished the Take a Hike Geocaching Challenge following this link to geocache the native California trees of Larkey Park.


  • Each set of geocache coordinates is titled with a clue that will help you find it once you get close.
  • All five of these geocaches are located outside the building but you may need walk through the building to get to them.
  • Be safe, keep your head up and pay attention to where you are walking.



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