Help Us Feather Our Nest!

Lindsay Wildlife has embarked on a complete renovation of our observation deck on the east side of the building overlooking Larkey Park. This new Eagle Eyrie exhibit will feature Lindsay’s charismatic bald eagle animal ambassador Atsá (pronounced ats-ah), who deserves a spacious home. This new enclosure is three times larger than her previous aviary! It allows the public to get up-close to a bald eagle like never before, while also viewing her in a habitat similar to what a bald eagle could be seen in, in the wild.

Working with professional zoological fabricators, Lindsay’s newest animal enclosure will feature a river that allows Atsá to fish! Modeled after an upland riparian habitat, a large tree with several perching branches will be a signature element of the exhibit. Rock outcroppings will resemble a natural habit, along with native bunch grasses and scrub bushes. The exhibit will also feature interpretive and educational signage.

This new exhibit helps tell a compelling story of conservation and allow visitors to see themselves as powerful architects of change.

With a total project goal of $150,000 Lindsay seeks individual gifts of all sizes to bring this project to completion.


  • $50,000 gift: Recognition as primary “Eagle Sponsor.” For example, “The Jane and John Smith Eagle Eyrie Exhibit” on exhibit header.


  • $25,000 gift: Recognition as “Eyrie Sponsor.” The river/water feature will be named for a donor at this level. “The Jane and John Smith River” featured on an exhibit plaque and on donor credit panel.


  • $15,000 gift: Recognition as “Raptor Sponsor” on doors of exhibit and on donor credit panel.


  • $10,000 gift: Recognition as “Nest Sponsor” and will have name or initials etched on tree trunk as well as listing on donor credit panel.


  • $5,000 gift: Recognition as “Talon Sponsor” with name or initials on rock in exhibit, as well as listing on donor credit panel.


  • $2,500 gift: Recognition as “Feather Sponsor” listed on the donor credit panel.
  • Donors giving $2,499 and under to support the project will be listed on the electronic TV screen outside of the exhibit.
  • All who purchase Eagle VIPeek private animal experiences from March 2019 until exhibit is funded will be listed in published Eagle Eyrie Thank You Report as supporters.*

*Only a portion of these VIPeeks are tax deductible.

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