Lindsay Citizen Science Project: What wildlife do you see?

Enjoy the great outdoors as Lindsay Wildlife Experience encourages visitors to “Get Outside!” and enjoy the wildlife all around them all summer long! And for the first time Lindsay is participating in our very first Citizen Science Project with the help of iNaturalist.

Through iNaturalist, Lindsay has started its very own project and we are asking everyone to photograph and identify the wildlife they see! We want to see what you see in nature, so share your photos and do your own identification of animals, plants and flowers in the Bay Area and beyond. Taking a trip to Yosemite this summer? Share with the world what you see through iNaturalist! Don’t know what something is? Ask for help through Lindsay’s very own project! Don’t know what this is, well we are here to help! Lindsay is holding a special Nature Speak June 25 at 2 p.m. to teach people about using iNaturalist. Come and get the tools you need so you and your whole family can learn how to be modern day naturalists!

Ready to get started? Go to: you download the app, search for “Lindsay Wildlife Experience” to add to our project.
“”iNaturalist is an easy and enjoyable way to connect with a community of thousands of nature observers from all over the world,” said Lindsay Director of Education James Madden. “Not only do the members contribute millions of images, but some dedicated folks will help identify organisms that you observe in your environment!”