A Message in these Difficult Times

Nature knows no color, or race, or religion, or wealth. Nature is blind to our cultural failings and human biases. Nature is for everyone to enjoy, to learn from, and to protect. The enjoyment and solace of the outdoors is a tremendous gift for all of humanity, a refuge that feeds the mind and the heart, calms anxiety, and renews the spirit. Nature is generous in these gifts and does not discriminate.

We as humans must learn to not only live in harmony with nature but also with one another. Lindsay Wildlife Experience reaffirms its mission of inspiring responsibility and respect towards every being on this earth so that we all might live vibrant, healthy lives.

The rights of wildlife and human rights go hand in hand. It is time for us to forge a better relationship with the natural world and with our fellow humans.

Nature has the power to heal. To uplift. We recommend these hashtags, organizations, activities, and actions that support racial inclusion and the love of nature.

California Outdoor Engagement Coalition (outdoorengagement.berkeley.edu)

Dr. Carlos de la Rosa
Executive Director
Lindsay Wildlife Experience

Dr. Rosanne Siino
President of the Board of Directors
Lindsay wildlife Experience