Adopt an Animal!

Adopt one of Lindsay’s owls, hawks or eagle today! Makes a great gift!

Our animal ambassadors deliver a vital educational message and in return, receive a lifetime of care and attention at Lindsay Wildlife. Now you can help care for them as well by joining our Adopt an Animal program.

This is your opportunity to symbolically adopt your favorite animal ambassador. Your donation provides food, shelter, medical care, and enrichment activities for these mission-critical members of our community.

When you adopt a Lindsay animal ambassador, you will receive a personalized Certificate of Adoption that includes a photo of your animal ambassador. Adopting our animals makes a great gift! We will publicly recognize our adopters on our website and on the screen at the entrance of  Lindsay’s exhibit hall.

Please help our animal ambassadors receive all of the care they deserve in gratitude for their crucial role in realizing the mission of Lindsay Wildlife Experience: to connect people with wildlife to inspire responsibility and respect for the world we share.