Alliance Brings Famed Wildlife Activist to Lindsay!

Enjoy brunch among Lindsay’s owls, hawks, porcupine, and wildlife ambassadors, followed by a riveting presentation by internationally-acclaimed wildlife activist Sam Labudde, on Monday, March 19, from 9:30 a.m. to noon. Every year, Lindsay Wildlife Alliance coordinates a world-renowned speaker for their spring fundraiser. This year, the Alliance is partnering with Lindsay’s Conservation Icons speaker series for one of their most fascinating speakers yet!

Sam Labudde is the 1991 EIA Goldman Environmental Prize winner, orchestrator of one of the most successful consumer boycotts in history, after he recorded the first video footage in 1988 of dolphins dying in tuna nets. His campaign led

 to the Dolphin Safe tuna program, establishing global standards to stop the setting of driftnets on dolphins. More than 95 percent of the world’s tuna companies are now committed to Dolphin Safe fishing practices, and the Dolphin Safe label is now on canned tuna in markets throughout the world.

Labudde is the founder of the Environmental Investigations Agency (EIA); he has worked extensively in developing grassroots advocacy campaigns to draw attention to the plight of endangered, charismatic wildlife species. Labudde was a key figure in stopping illegal trade in walrus ivory, rhinoceros horn and tiger bone.

You will not want to miss this inspiring presentation about the power of one individual to galvanize action on behalf of wildlife, the world over.

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