Announcing The Reimagine Campaign

It’s been nearly 11 months  since COVID-19 forced us to temporarily shut the doors of our exhibit hall. Much has changed during that time but we’re still here, continuing our mission, treating sick and injured wildlife, educating children and families, and caring for our beloved animal ambassadors. All of this is because of you.

Your support has allowed us to do so many things. Since our closure on March 13, 2020, we have treated more than 4,859 hospital patients and returned many to the wild. We continue to provide excellent, expert care for our more than 65 animal ambassadors. And we have delivered more than 90 interactive online classes, programs and workshops for school-aged children, along with in-person hikes and camps, and outdoor programs.

Still, so much remains uncertain. We have no way of knowing when the pandemic will end or when we may be able to open the doors to our exhibit hall again. As a nonprofit, we faced challenges before our temporary closure. The continued loss during the closure of $150,000 each month in operating revenue including admissions, facility rentals, onsite classes and public and private events has left us in a truly difficult place.

Despite these and other challenges, we continue to press forward. To help Lindsay keep going, we have launched our $2 million Reimagine Campaign. The new campaign will run now through December 31, 2021. The $2 million in funds raised through the Reimagine Campaign will keep us in business and caring for wildlife throughout 2021.

We invite our community to continue to hold together, stay strong, and to reimagine what Lindsay’s next phase will look like. We can’t do this without you. Please donate today to the Reimagine Campaign.