Bald Eaglet Patient Comes to Lindsay for first time in decades!

A juvenile bald eagle was brought to Lindsay Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital June 18. The eagle is the offspring of a semi-famous nesting pair of bald eagles in Milpitas. The three-month old eagle was seen on the grounds of an elementary school and a drew a crowd. Officials with California Fish and Wildlife attempted to place the young eagle back in the tree, but it fell. To ensure that it was healthy and not injured in the fall, they brought the eaglet to Lindsay Wildlife Experience.

After examination, the eaglet appeared to be in excellent condition, with only minor bruising. Our vet staff, led by Dr. Allison Daugherty, administered fluids to the eaglet, since it may have been slightly dehydrated. The California Department of Fish & Wildlife tried to reunite the eagle with its family the next day but the eaglet again got to the ground. Fearing for its safety, the eaglet was brought back to Lindsay where it stayed overnight. And the next morning taken to a specialty rehab center for these large birds up in Northern California. This facility has 100-foot aviaries where the bird can grow strong, learn to fly and eventually be released!