Bobcat hit by car, recovering at Lindsay Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital

A young male bobcat is recovering at Lindsay Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital after being hit by a car on Aug. 29.

The California Highway Patrol found the bobcat after being alerted by drivers near Cummings Skyway in Crockett, just off Highway 4. Contra Costa County Animal Services picked up the injured cat  and brought him to Lindsay Wildlife.

He is in critical care right now as we work to get him and keep him stabilized. He has a broken pelvis. Lindsay veterinarian staff have decided to keep him here at Lindsay and keep him on cage rest, limiting his mobility so that the pelvic fracture can heal enough for him to be transferred. This could mean that the bobcat will stay on cage rest here at Lindsay for a couple of weeks.

Watch a VIDEO of this bobcat by clicking here!

At this point we do not anticipate surgery. Once the fracture has healed, a bit, he will be moved to another rehabilitation center, that has bigger facilities for this large of an animal.

He is being constantly monitored and kept comfortable. He is a young bobcat and weighs 20 pounds. Lindsay Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital gets maybe one bobcat a year for various reasons. We are doing our best to help him and get him back out where he belongs, the wild.

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