Conservation Icons June 9, Urban Canids: Conservation and Conflict!

Photo by: Joel Sartore

Join Lindsay Wildlife at 6 p.m. on Saturday, June 9 when Dr. Brian L. Cypher, UC Stainslaus, will discuss Urban Canids: Conservation and Conflict.

A research ecologist and Associate Director of the UC Stanislaus Endangered Species Recovery Program, Cypher’s focus is on canids, such as foxes and coyotes, and other predators. His research includes work with small mammals, reptiles, ungulates and plants.

He has been involved with research and conservation efforts on animals and plants in the San Joaquin Valley since 1990. Dr. Cypher received a Ph.D. in Zoology from Southern Illinois University in 1991. He is the co-editor of Urban Carnivores: Ecology, Conflict, and Conservation, published by John Hopkins Press (2010).

Cypher is the final of nine awe-inspiring speakers that are part of the 2017-18 Conservation Icons series that aims to educate, entertain and inspire change! Nearly all of these presentations have sold out, so don’t delay in purchasing today!

And soon we will announce the 2018-19 Conservation Icons line-up!