Help Lindsay Wildlife Protect Baby Squirrels this Season

Although non-native to California, the Eastern fox squirrel is common in this area. These resourceful tree squirrels are active during the day, and are attracted to urban areas where nuts, fruit and bird feeders are plentiful. They nest from February to May and July to September and may use holes in trees, attics or other enclosed areas off the ground as nesting sites. They have an average of three babies per litter, and a mature female can have two litters per year. 

Lindsay’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital receives over 400 squirrels annually. About half of these patients are babies that are brought to us due to human interactions such as tree trimming.

You can help save the lives of baby squirrels by checking for nests before you cut down or trim your trees. If possible, avoid tree trimming and removal between February and September during the breeding season. A variety of wildlife species, including songbirds and some birds of prey, also use trees as homes and nests. If the tree is a hazard and must come down, check for babies in nests or cavities before removal. If babies are found, please try to reunite them with their parents. If you need assistance, call our Hospital Hotline at (925) 659-8156. Thank you for helping wildlife.