Help Wildlife Have a Safe Nesting Season

Would you like to help wildlife have a safe nesting season? Now is the time to trim your trees before baby animal season starts. 

With the last of the baby animals having arrived in early fall, the safest time to prune trees and other vegetation is between October and December. Trimming now instead of the spring and summer will help keep baby animals out of our hospital and in their nests with their parents, where they belong. 

Before you begin your project, follow these tips from the Golden Gate Audubon Society and make sure to hire a certified arborist, licensed landscaper or qualified tree trimmer who is knowledgeable about tree health. Native and migratory birds can nest in trees, bushes, shrubs and other areas and other bird species such as hummingbirds and raptors may nest outside of the traditional nesting season, which can begin as early as January and runs through August. Working with a professional will help ensure you are doing all you can to protect both wildlife and the health of your trees and other vegetation. 

Always remember to look for nests and clues that birds are nesting such as accumulated white droppings nearby or birds flying in and out of the vegetation. 

If you do find a nest, observe the nest to make sure no birds are flying to and from the area and transporting nest-making materials or food. Nests are protected by federal and state laws, so please do not disturb an active nesting area. A qualified biological consultant or the California Department of Fish and Wildlife can help you survey an area for nests. You can also call our hospital hotline voicemail at (925) 659-8156 if you need assistance. Thank you for helping wildlife!