Lindsay Wildlife Alliance Brings Famed Whale Photographer to Lindsay

Enjoy a deliciously catered brunch among the owls, squirrels, and urban creatures on exhibit at Lindsay Wildlife followed by the presentation Beautiful Whale with photographer Bryant Austin.Austin is an acclaimed portrait photographer – of whales. His journey and challenge to recreate the transcendent sensation one experiences floating an arm’s length away from the eye of an inquisitive whale, has compelled him to create photo mosaics at 1:1 scale – both in terms of size and in the level of detail witnessed in ‘real life.’

His full-body composite photos, often life-sized, capture a view of whales most humans never see. Visiting their ocean habitat, perhaps in Australia, the Caribbean, or the South Pacific, Austin enters the whales’ world and waits to be received. Snorkeling by himself and working alone, he waits weeks or months for an encounter, when a curious or sociable whale swims within four to six feet. With this invitation, the intimate portrait session begins, focusing on the whales’ true colors, tonal range and intricate detail. Using a 50-megapixel Hasselblad, Austin takes up to 300 images of the whale in five-foot, vertical sections. From these, he selects 15-20 photos to create a composite, life-sized studio portrait.

Austin’s body of work represents the largest and most detailed photographs of whales in the world. His internationally-acclaimed photographs have been received enthusiastically during exhibits worldwide, including shows in Norway and Japancountries that continue to hunt whales.

Signed copies of Austin’s book, Beautiful Whale, will be available for purchase!

In recognition of this special occasion, Austin is donating a signed print to be raffled at the event.  All proceeds will go to the Lindsay Wildlife Alliance—don’t miss out on the opportunity to bid for this unique item!

To learn more about Bryant’s work, and to view an amazing online gallery of his prints, click here!

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