North American Porcupine Now at Lindsay!

Porcupetta eating


SF Bay Area Premier Wildlife Education and Science Center is the only in the Bay Area with a porcupine as permanent animal ambassador in brand-new exhibit

Lindsay Wildlife Experience is excited to announce a new exhibit built for the wildlife center’s spikiest new resident: A six-month-old North American porcupine!

A unique160917_phara-32 and engaging native California species, this is Lindsay’s first resident porcupine in decades. And makes Lindsay the only place in the Bay Area where families can view a porcupine on exhibit!

And while those who visit the exhibit hall will have an opportunity to meet and, at times, touch the newest ambassador, the porcupine is at Lindsay to drive the message that this amazing creature needs protection.

“Lindsay’s mission is to connect people with wildlife,” says Cheryl McCormick, Ph.D, executive director of Lindsay Wildlife. “It’s important to us that every individual who interacts with this charismatic ambassador leaves that experience with a sense of urgency—viable habitat for this species is shrinking in California. Every individual can do something to protect what remains of these ecosystems—not just for porcupines, but for wildlife in general.”

Top sponsors of the nearly $100,000 exhibit include the William A. Kerr Foundation and an anonymous foundation donor. More than half of the funding for the Campaign for Quills came from individual donors! Named giving opportunities are still available.


Named by the Simmons family in Concord, the porcupine is called “Penelope.” The family won the right to name her at Lindsay’s fall fundraiser Sept. 25.