Baby White-Tailed Kites Returned Home

A party in Antioch Saturday night was interrupted when a baby bird was blown from a tree and hit the roof of the house.When party-goers went to investigate, they discovered a whole nest on the ground with two more babies in it. The babies — white tailed kites — were brought to Lindsay Wildlife Museum. The next day, a fourth baby kite was found at the site of the nest tree. Sadly, the bird that hit the roof and this fourth baby did not survive.

That Sunday, a volunteer went to the home in Antioch to assess the situation. She sent photos to Traverso Tree Service, who later appeared on the scene to help with an emergency nest return. Hospital staff brought a wicker basket to the site to serve as a replacement “nest.” It took Traverso Tree Service only 23 minutes to secure the basket to the nest tree with the two surviving babies in it.

Today, vocalizations were heard from the tree so it appears all is well with the two baby kites. Thanks to Luis, Jesus and Miguel of Traverso Tree Service for making it possible for these baby kites to be reunited with their parents!


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