Hospital Patient of the Week: Osprey

An adult osprey was admitted to the wildlife hospital on May 20. It was found at Los Vaqueros Reservoir, entangled in fishing line, unable to fly. Hospital staff removed the line and veterinarian Dr. Purdin did a thorough exam. Fortunately, there were no injuries. After a night of recovery in a large aviary, it was returned to the reservoir on May 21.

An excellent hunter, osprey almost exclusively catch and eat fish. This large hawk has adapted well to living around people and can be found throughout the Bay Area near lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and coastal waters. Look for large nests on treetops, tall towers, and channel markers on or near water.

Birds, mammals and turtles can be seriously injured and die from getting tangled in fishing line or swallowing hooks. When fishing, do not leave hooks or lines behind. If you see fishing line on shores or in the water, please pick it up and discard it in the trash.