Hospital update–week of August 26

The hospital received 129 animals last week, bringing the total for this year to 4603.

The hotline is receiving lots of calls about raccoons digging in lawns. They do this to find grubs and worms to eat. The soil under lawns is usually moist and good habitat for grubs and worms, and non-irrigated soil is dry and hard to dig in. To reduce damage to lawns, use beneficial nematodes (from the nursery) to kill the grubs. Sprinkle finely ground black pepper in the areas being damaged to keep the raccoons away. Use a motion-sensing sprinkler to scare the raccoons away. Lay wire mesh over the lawn and stake it down securely (let the grass grow through the wire) to permanently prevent raccoon damage.

Beginning Saturday, September 1, the hospital will be open to receive animals 9 AM to 5 PM seven days a week.