Patient of the Week: #1000

Pictured here is the wildlife hospital’s 1,000th patient of 2014.

14-1000 opossum close

This little male Virginia opossum (Didelphis virginiana) was admitted on Friday, April 18. He was found all alone in an Alameda backyard. He is too young to survive on his own and will be cared for by our special team of opossum caregivers until he is old enough to be released.

While most opossums are gray in color, some, such as this little guy, are white. Leucistic animals lack skin pigmentation, but still have some color, including dark eyes. Albino animals completely lack melanin, and have a pink or red color to the skin and eyes.

The wildlife hospital admits over 5,000 wild animal patients each year. You can help young animals like these by donating: