Weekly hospital update – Week of July 25

The hospital received 170 animals last week, bringing the total for this year to 3696.

Eastern fox squirrels can have two litters of babies each year and the “second season” has just started, with two baby squirrels being brought to us after falling from trees. Don’t forget to wait until fall to prune trees.

The hospital needs at least 4 large hard-plastic kiddie pools (not the inflatable kind). We have plenty of the smaller size (about 4′ x 9″) but we need the 5′ x 12″ size. We have already checked ToysRUs in Pleasant Hill, Walmart in Martinez, Target in Walnut Creek and CVS on Olympic in Walnut Creek. If you see these pools anywhere (they cost $15-$20 each) please either buy a few or let the hospital staff know you have found some. Thanks for your help.

More supplies needed by the hospital:
quart-size zip top freezer bags
paper grocery bags
Gerber stage 2 chicken