Lindsay Wildlife Experience Volunteer Council

The Lindsay Wildlife Volunteer Managers are proud to announce the brand new all-Volunteer Council for 2021! This Volunteer Council has been set in place to help foster a volunteer community for all of Lindsay’s volunteers as one group.

The goals of the Volunteer Council will be to focus on areas such as: planning and running a monthly volunteer meeting (currently through Zoom), identifying and coordinating volunteer enrichment activities, obtaining volunteer perspective on issues facing LWE, and promoting volunteer opportunities and participation. 

Please read on to meet the 2021 Volunteer Council, which currently includes representatives from Animal Encounters, Wildlife Rehabilitation, Education, and Development:

2021 Volunteer Council

Marilyn Fowler - Animal Encounters

After retiring, I became a Lindsay volunteer in 1995. I currently am a husbandry volunteer in AE. Previously, I volunteered as a Museum Interpreter. I’ve also served on Lindsay’s Board of Directors, including a term as its President.

Allan Farbman - Animal Encounters and Education

Al has been a volunteer at Lindsay since 2018, starting in the Education department and then adding volunteer responsibilities in Animal Encounters the following year. In addition to caring for our Animal Ambassadors, he has also participated in educating the public about Lindsay Wildlife and the environment through the Lindsay-in-the-Community program.

Janet Rachel - Animal Encounters

I’ve been an AE volunteer for a year.  After retiring as Assoc. Director of UC Berkeley’s Disabled Students’ Program, I began observing eagles and falcons, via live cam and by living in an urban wildlife interface area.  This passion led me to Lindsay where I’ve come to love and respect all of AE’s species.  I look forward to working on the Council and helping to enhance the volunteer and Lindsay experience.

Donna Covert - Education

Donna has been a volunteer at Lindsay Wildlife Experience since 2015.  As one of our Wildlife Educators she has participated in design and delivery of our school programs as well as engaging with the public visiting our Exhibit Hall

Pam Abbey - Education

Pam began volunteering with the Wildlife Educators in January 2018, focusing on the Exhibit Hall and Outreach Programs in the schools. Her favorite animal at Lindsay is Poppy, the opossum. That led her to begin working with the hospital opo team as well. She is a retired United Methodist pastor with a background in theatre, also, and has a lifetime love of wildlife and nature.

Scott E. Smith - Wildlife Rehabilitation and Development

Scott has been a Lindsay volunteer since 2012, serving in the hospital as a shift leader, and providing home care for opossums and skunks. He also is member of the Fundraising Committee and co-chair of the annual virtual auction.

Diane Coventry - Education

Diana started volunteering at LWE in August 2019 as a Wildlife Educator, helping with hosting school field trips at the museum and exhibit hall, and more recently, moderating the School Programs for 3rd – 5th grades via Zoom.

Judy Church - Wildlife Rehabilitation

I have been a volunteer at Lindsay since spring of 2008.  I became a shift leader for the Friday morning shift by default  – as I think many of us have.  I had a fantastic shift that actually made me look good as a shift leader.  I became a Hospital Assistant at Lindsay 4 years ago.  I absolutely loved the extra responsibility and skills that I picked up on the assistant shifts I worked on.  I also am on the opossum team.

Peggy Schuerholz - Wildlife Rehabilitation

I’ve been a hospital volunteer – on the Sunday morning shift (yay team!) – since 2011, and deeply invested in looking at how we can better facilitate communications between staff and volunteers, and creating more efficient ways of working within the hospital. In my day job, I am a career employee communications professional and would love to bring some of that experience to the Volunteer Council.