New Animal Ambassador

Welcome Lindsay Wildlife's Newest Animal Ambassador!

Meet our newest animal ambassador: A Peregrine Falcon!

Peregrine falcons are known in the wild for being formidable hunters that can “swift dive,” going as fast as 200 miles per hour.

Our animal ambassador comes to Lindsay from the wildlife center at Audubon Society of Portland, where he was brought in with a wing injury.

Unable to fly because of a badly damaged right wing, he weighs in at just over one pound. This two-year-old male has adjusted very well to his captive life here at Lindsay. He has a good appetite and an expressive personality.

He will eventually live indoors, along with the other animal ambassadors. For now, you can meet him from time to time when he is in the exhibit hall. Check back for details on the newest falcon’s name!

Below is a video of Animal Keeper Carrie Henika introducing the Peregrine to the public.