Oakland Street Artist “Nite Owl” Creates Overnight Stealth Mural at Lindsay Wildlife Experience!

Pioneering wildlife education center home to new huge vibrant mural by famed artist

WALNUT CREEK, CALIF. /December 5, 2017—The infamous street artist known only as “Nite Owl,” whose work has mysteriously appeared on walls, vehicles, and other urban canvases from San Francisco and Oakland to Paris, has struck again! This time he has hit the renowned Lindsay Wildlife Experience.

Visitors, volunteers and staff at the 62-year-old wildlife and education center were shocked when they arrived at Lindsay on Tuesday, Dec. 5 and found that the elusive artist gained access to the first floor hallway, leaving behind a bold, massive mural measuring over 7 x 50 feet!

A giant abstract owl wearing a t-shirt with Lindsay’s signature barn owl logo holds two other smaller owls on glove (just like Lindsay’s own animal handlers) and greets visitors in Lindsay’s downstairs hallway that links the classrooms, Natural History Department and the large community room.

Nite Owl—who typically works at night in a more urban setting and wishes to remain anonymous—was inspired by what he is always inspired by: Owls—which Lindsay has plenty of! His major installations can be found in Oakland, San Francisco and Tahoe, always with his signature owls. He has never done a mural of this size in a wildlife center before and aimed to create something inspired by local animals, but more colorful and playful than the live animals in Lindsay’s upstairs exhibit hall.

“I like (Lindsay’s) rehabilitation hospital, because the intent is to release (wildlife back into their natural habitats). This is a caring space for animals, and I hope that the hospital’s work, plus my artwork, puts smiles on people’s faces. With this mural, I want to increase people’s attention to wildlife and nature, and inspire future generations of kids to be better stewards of the planet,” explained Nite Owl.

Lindsay’s Executive Director Cheryl McCormick said she was not surprised Nite Owl “chose” Lindsay.

“Lindsay has established itself as one of the most unique, high-energy destinations in the East Bay region,” McCormick said. “If you haven’t been to Lindsay since you were a child, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all of the cool and interesting programs and activities we offer.”

Nite Owl’s mural was sponsored by an anonymous donor who thought his work would add a vibrant, high-energy touch to a rather drab hallway. Nite Owl would like to do more at Lindsay, he said.

McCormick agrees, and would like to see more from Nite Owl, because his work offers highly stylized colorful scenes offering guests a playful, contemporary expression of Lindsay’s mission—inspiring a deep connection to and respect for wildlife and the healthy habitats on which it depends. But finding more funding for the art would be necessary.

“Street art can be a bold medium for raising awareness and a positive force for social expression in public spaces,” she said. “Nite Owl’s transformational art in Lindsay’s space brings people together, evokes discussion, and inspires viewers to take action.  This is exactly the response that Nite Owls’ donor was aiming for. I hope that additional art patrons will join us in commissioning additional installations within Lindsay’s classrooms to enhance learning transfer and creativity, and enrich the aesthetic experience.  What could be more exciting?”

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About Lindsay Wildlife Experience:

Lindsay connects people with wildlife to inspire responsibility and respect for the world we share. A unique natural history and environmental education center where live wild animals are just inches away from visitors, Lindsay serves more than 100,000 children and adults each year. Home to the first wildlife rehabilitation hospital established in the U.S., Lindsay treats more than 5,600 animals annually.