Dr. Rosanne Siino

“The more I learn about the wild creatures that share our earth, the more awestruck I become. I care deeply about Lindsay’s mission because I want everyone to experience a similar wonder and desire to protect the natural world. We ensure our own well being and survival when we keep the habitats we share with wildlife vibrant and healthy.”

Rosanne was among the founders of Netscape in the 1990s. She brings to the Lindsay Board the same creativity, “think big” attitude and positive energy that launched the first commercially successful web browser. After a long career in high-tech marketing, Rosanne received a doctorate in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford, where she has been a lecturer/researcher since 2007. Rosanne teaches undergraduate and graduate classes in branding, leadership, and organizational dynamics, and consults with technology companies, startups, and nonprofits on effective teamwork, management and messaging. In addition to serving on the Board, Rosanne brought her love of animals and incredible teaching and communications skills to Lindsay as a volunteer wildlife educator for many years.

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