Summer Field Trip Programs

Lindsay is proud to announce its new summer field trip program designed for nature lovers of all ages! This engaging field trip program features multiple activities including outdoor exploration, an in-depth tour of our Exhibit Hall, animal encounters, and more. These adaptable programs are available for kindergarten to college-level groups, and the content will be adjusted to meet each group’s education level.

Summer Field Trips are not currently being offered. Please check back in June 2022.

In the meantime check out our School Field Trips.

AVAILABILITY: Monday through Thursday, from June to August

TIME: 10:00 a.m. – 11:20 a.m.

GROUP SIZE: 20 students maximum

COST: $200 per 20 students (1 class)

FORMAT: Small groups visit multiple dynamic stations throughout the museum


Questions? Email [email protected]


Kindergarten - College

Animals of Mount Diablo

Mt. Diablo is home to a wide variety of habitats including oak woodlands, chaparral, and riparian. These habitats are home to an incredible diversity of wildlife from small creatures like Bay Area blond tarantulas to large predators like mountain lions. Come and meet some of the animals that call Mt. Diablo home and learn about how humans and animals are part of the same interconnected ecosystem.