Bald Eagle Exhibit

Lindsay Wildlife has completed the total renovation of our observation deck on the east side of the building overlooking Larkey Park. The new Bald Eagle Exhibit features Lindsay’s charismatic Bald Eagle animal ambassador Atsá (pronounced ats-ah). Atsá has physical limitations due to her previously broken wing and needs mental stimulation to keep her healthy. This exhibit allows her to learn enriching skills and gives guests the opportunity to get up-close to a Bald Eagle like never before!

One of Atsá’s favorite spots is the tall platform of boulders that allows her to look out over Larkey Park. Bald Eagles have vision that is four to five times greater than humans and from this high point on the Eyrie, she can observe squirrels running through the trees, synchronized swimmers practicing at the pool, and spy on birthday parties in the park. Atsá has a perch in the corner of her enclosure that gets a direct beam of warm sun. She can be spotted sitting here in the afternoons. If the sun gets too hot, Atsá will jump into her pond for a bath or to soak her talons.

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We rely on the support of donations to make projects like our Bald Eagle Exhibit possible and to continue to care for all of our animal ambassadors and wildlife hospital patients. To make a donation, click here