Natural History Collection

The Lindsay Wildlife Experience’s Natural History Collection consists of preserved specimens include gems, minerals, fossils, plants, insects, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Learn about our programs and protocols below.

Interested in volunteering or interning with the Natural History Collection? Email [email protected]

Natural History Specimen Rentals

Teachers, artists, and researchers enjoy the opportunity to explore and rent from the Lindsay Wildlife Experience’s Natural History Teaching Collection. We invite the Lindsay community to enjoy and benefit from our teaching collection and conservation efforts.

Rental Rates
Small Specimens: $10 each

Medium Specimens: $15 each

Large Specimens: $20 each

Maximum of 8 specimens per rental. Subject to availability and the museum’s discretion. 

Please Note
We require two weeks to receive and process your request. All rentals are for 5 days, with the pick-up date not counting as the first. Payment is required prior to pick-up. The determination of small, medium, and large is made by Lindsay staff. Late fees are $10 per day. 

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For more information, email [email protected] or call (925) 627-2913.

COVID Precautions 

The health and safety of our customers and staff is a high priority. That is why the Lindsay Wildlife Experience has adopted new protocols to keep specimen rentals safe. Pick-ups and drop-offs are now delivered to the borrower’s car for the borrower to load and unload while a crew member stays a safe 6 feet away. Additionally, the museum has adopted new COVID-safe terms in its Borrowers Agreement and all specimens are now quarantined after a rental is complete.

Natural History Donations

The Lindsay Wildlife Experience welcomes donations of vertebrates, invertebrates, botany, geology, fossils, and scientific illustrations or art. Acceptance of a donation is at the discretion of the Curator of Natural History and is guided by the museum’s Collection Policy. The museum does not accept unsolicited donations or drop-offs donations, however, we are happy to work with you to schedule time to evaluate your potential donation.

How to Donate

To be considered for acquisition, a completed Donation Form and photos of the specimens should be sent to  [email protected]. If you need assistance filling out the Donation Form or are unsure of a specimen’s taxonomic information, email [email protected] for assistance.