Teachers and Schools

We offer three ways to connect your students with wildlife:

  1. Visit Lindsay Wildlife!
  2. Lindsay comes to you!
  3. Visit the wetlands!

Click here to request your trip to Lindsay or your classroom visit

Registration FAQ

For more information, contact the Education Registrar at registrar@lindsaywildlife.org or by calling (925) 627-2913.

Please look forward to our new program format Fall 2018. Our new programs will connect your students with wildlife utilizing Next General Science Standards (NGSS) for their grade level. These programs are a great opportunity for public school, homeschool, multi-age, preschool, and special needs classes to bring learning to life.

Natural History Specimen Rentals

Looking for a complement to your curriculum? More than 10,000 natural history items are available to provide your classroom with exploration of the world around us. In addition to individual items, many teaching kits and displays are available to enhance classroom learning. It is required to make an appointment to view or pick-up specimens. Specimen pick-up is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. For more information, email the Natural History Department or call (925) 627-2937.

Rental Prices

Non-member Prices:

  • $8 per specimen for up to three days
  • $10 per specimen per week

Lindsay Wildlife Member:

  • $6 per specimen for up to three days
  • $8 per specimen per week

Payment is required at time of pick-up. A $5 per day late fee will be charged for each specimen not returned by the due date. Anyone renting specimens will be held responsible for the proper care of the specimens. Any loss or damage incurred while specimens are in the care of the borrower will be the responsibility of the borrower.