Kenyan Maasai Warrior/Activist

Discover Kenya’s Maasai culture and wildlife with Salaton Ole Ntutu, a Maasai community chief, shaman, warrior and eco-tourism leader, on Sunday, February 17 at Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek. From 3:30-5:30 PM, all ages will enjoy Salaton’s stories of growing up from young cow herder to brave warrior, healer and community leader.

From the age of 14, Salaton spent seven years in the African bush with little more than a blanket and a spear to protect himself. Learn how he used his knowledge of animal behavior and sounds to survive among wild animals, and how he is protecting the environment for wild animals today.

Salaton is a leader on social, economic and environmental issues for his tribe, working to retain their culture and livelihood. Recent projects include bringing a bore hole well to his community for a safe and clean water source, and laying the groundwork and making initial land purchases for a heritage and botanical conservancy to protect culture, land, wildlife, and native holy and healing plants.

His talk is free with museum admission. Lindsay Wildlife Museum is located at 1931 First Avenue in Walnut Creek, phone 925-935-1978, Admission is $7 for adults, $6 for seniors 65+, $5 for children 2 -17, and FREE for members and children under 2.