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The 60-minute program is offered Tuesdays through Fridays. The start and end times depend on the distance from Lindsay Wildlife Experience. The presentation will need to be set up in one indoor location only, such as a classroom, library, or multi-purpose room. Two 6-foot tables are needed, as well as air conditioning in hot weather.

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$200 per class in Fall/Winter, September 13, 2016–March 31, 2017

$225 per class in Spring, April 11, 2017–June 9, 2017

(A class is for a classroom of 25–30 students.)


Preschool–Trans K–Kindergarten

Meet and Greet

Young naturalists are introduced to animals that live in the wild, and to animals that are our pets.

All Grades

Animals of Mt. Diablo

Do you know what wildlife inhabit the Mt. Diablo area? Mt. Diablo and the East Bay include a variety of ecosystems providing food, water, and shelter for wildlife. Meet the animals that live in our area, and learn how these animals meet their needs for survival.

Grades K–2

Animal Homes

All animals need food, water, and shelter to survive and raise their young. Meet animals that live in dens, nests, ponds, or deep underground. Learn about ecosystems and adaptations animals have to help them survive.

Grades 2 and up

Insects and Spiders

There are more kinds of insects and spiders in the world than all other animals and plants combined. Insects and spiders have important roles as predators, consumers, and decomposers. Explore their characteristics, life cycles, and adaptations.

All Grades


Owls have special characteristics and adaptations for survival. Learn about their similarities and differences, and what makes them efficient predators.

All Grades


Bats, the only true flying mammals, have special characteristics and adaptations that help them locate food and survive in their habitats.