School Program Registration FAQ

How do I register and pay?

  • Reservations are recommended at least six weeks in advance.
  • We suggest payment be made online with a credit card at the time of scheduling your program.
  • If you select invoice later you will receive an embedded invoice which will allow for secure online payment.
  • The payment deadline is three weeks from when the reservation request was made.
  • If payment is not received by the deadline you may lose your requested date.

What are your policies regarding cancellations and program changes?


  • With four or more weeks notice: $50 service fee
  • With less than three weeks notice: non-refundable

Changes to Program Date or Time

  • With four or more weeks notice, we will accommodate the request if we are able
  • If we are able to accommodate, a $50 service fee will be applied

How will I know that my date is confirmed?

  • When payment is received you will be notified with an email.
  • If you have not received confirmation within three weeks, please contact the Education Registrar at [email protected] or (925) 627-2914.

What should I know about bus and personal vehicle parking?

  • If you are arriving by bus, the driver may park on either First Avenue in front of Lindsay Wildlife or on Buena Vista Ave. The church lot across the street is not for busses. Please plan the route so that the bus arrives headed eastbound on First Avenue to avoid turning around. Do not turn onto First Avenue from Buena Vista as the bus will not be facing the correct way to park. From Geary Road, turn on Larkey Lane, then make a left turn on First Avenue. Lindsay Wildlife will be on the right-hand side of the street.
  • If arriving by cars, you may park in the Lindsay parking lot or across the street towards the back of the church lot.  
  • If your group is willing to meet an eco-challenge, and you do not mind an easy 20-minute walk, then consider taking BART to the Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa Center station.

What is the maximum number of adults that can accompany the field trip?

  • Our suggested chaperone ratio for all grade levels is 1 chaperone to 5 students. For example, 30 students would have 6 chaperones (teachers and parents)
    • If you cannot meet the 1 to 5 ratio, please email [email protected] and let us know ahead of time.
  • Exhibit hall admission for teachers and chaperones is included in the field trip program price.
  • If your ratio of chaperones to students is higher than 1 chaperone for every 3 students, additional chaperones will need to pay admissions to the museum.
  • Chaperones must arrive onsite by the start time of the field trip program, if they arrive late we cannot guarantee they will be able to join the group.

Is there a place our class can eat lunch or a snack before or after our program?

  • Larkey Park, located next to Lindsay Wildlife Experience, is a wonderful place for a snack or lunch break, with picnic tables and two playgrounds.
  • Unfortunately, there are no covered areas in the park. There are many trees to offer shade on warm days.
  • If there is rain we recommend returning to your school for lunch.

What should I know for my Lindsay in the Classroom program?

  • Our Lindsay in the Classroom program is designed for 30 students or less.
  • We can provide a maximum of 2 programs per day at one location.
  • The program space needs to be inside for the safety of the animals.
  • The program includes live animals, mounts, and other educational materials to help students experience learning about California wildlife.
  • Please provide 3 tables to display the materials and our animal carriers.
  • If there is more than one class presentation, we do not move from class to class. Please plan to have the classes rotate and the animal ambassadors stay at one location.
  • A reserved parking spot near the room where the presentation will be taking place would be appreciated.