Common Chuckwalla

Chuckwalla- HaraSauromalus ater

Chuckwallas are the second largest lizard native to California (Gila monsters are the largest).   They can be found in the deserts of California, Nevada, Arizona, and Baja California.  One of the few exclusively herbivorous lizards, this desert resident will spend its days foraging for flowers, fruits, and leaves or basking on large rocks.

They avoid predation by wedging themselves in crevices and puffing themselves full of air, making it almost impossible to extract them.

Chuckwallas can live up to 25 years.

Lindsay has two Common Chuckwallas. Our female chuckwalla is named Chucki and came to live at Lindsay Wildlife in 2014 at only a few years old. In 2017, she had an oviarectomy. This surgery saved her life, but made her incapable of having her own offspring.

Chucki lives with Lindsay’s other resident chuckwalla, Guapo! Named by the public in 2018, Guapo came to Lindsay from the Oakland Zoo. He now lives on exhibit with his room-mate Chucki!