Hermit Crabs

Caribbean Hermit Crabs
Coenobita clypeatus

Caribbean hermit crabs, also known as “purple pincher” or “soldier” crabs, are one of the two most common types that are kept as pets. These particular crabs are native to the islands around the Caribbean, including southern Florida. They are one of the few types of terrestrial hermit crabs, unlike our native Blueband hermit crabs (Pagurus samuelis), which are primarily found in the water.

These crustaceans are social creatures and live in large colonies. They will forage and scavenge together on any vegetation and animal parts (carcasses, eggshells, or even feces). They are curious by nature and may even come up to the glass of their enclosures to check out their surroundings.

Our resident hermit crab, Calypso, came to Lindsay Wildlife in 2021. We are pleased to have them as part of the ambassador team.