Southern Alligator Lizard


Southern Alligator lizard
Elgaria multicarinata

Native to the Bay Area, alligator lizards may live in a park or open space—even your back yard! They are carnivorous and eat almost anything they can catch and swallow: insects, spiders, lizards, baby mice, bird eggs, and even small birds.

Their long tail helps them balance to climb bushes and trees. If threatened, the lizard can “drop’ its tail to distract a predator. With luck, the lizard then escapes, and the tail will eventually grow back.

Gator, our Southern alligator lizard, has been with us since 2009. He was taken from the wild and kept as a pet. Because there is a chance he could potentially introduce harmful pathogens into native populations, he cannot be returned to the wild. 

Gator loves hunting crickets and hanging out in paper towel tubes. Recently, animal keepers gave him a miniature cabin for his enclosure and he has been obsessed with climbing and adventuring inside!