Visit Lindsay Wildlife Experience

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Note: Field trips are available from September to May, however all of our field trip programs for the 2017-2018 school year have been booked.

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For groups wishing to book an experience over the summer (June to August), please consider a V.I.Peek Encounter. 


Spring: January –May 2018

Length Day Time Max # of Students Cost
60 min. Tue.–Fri. 10:30 am 60 (typically 2 classes) $150 per 30 students (1 class)

Registration FAQ

60 minute Programs

Students visit 4 areas with a volunteer, spending 15 minutes at each to explore science concepts and meet animals.

Preschool & Transitional K

Meet and Greet

Young naturalists are introduced to animals that live in the wild and animals that are our pets.


Animals That Inhabit the Earth

Similarities and differences between pets and wild animals that live in our neighborhoods.

Grade 1

Animal Characteristics

Special features of the different animal groups are featured. Learn how animals get their needs met and survive.

Grades 2–3

Life Cycles

Learn about the life cycles of some of the animals around us, what traits they share with their parents and the variation among species.


Living With Wildlife

Meet the wild animals that live in our backyard and hills. Learn about how to respect and live with them.

Grades 3 and up

Animals of Mt. Diablo

Do you know what wildlife inhabit the Mt. Diablo area? Meet the animals that live in our area. Learn about the different ecosystems/habitats and what animals live where.