10 Ways to Help Wildlife


Lindsay Wildlife Experience offers: Ways to Help Wildlife

1.  Eliminate pesticide use in your home and landscaping

Don’t use rodenticides! When you use poison bait to control rodents it will secondarily poison the raptors that eat the sick rodents.  Use preventative measures, snap-traps, and other alternatives (see the Safe Rodent Control Coalition website, http://saferodentcontrol.org/site/rodent-control/ for free information)

2.  Put litter in garbage cans

Food scraps by the side of the road can attract wildlife which can get hit by vehicles.

3.   Reduce your household carbon footprint

Take a few simple steps each day to reduce your household carbon footprint which will reduce the need for new power lines and wind farms which can be dangerous for birds of prey.  Turn off lights, take shorter showers, take the stairs and not the elevator.  For more ideas check out: http://sustainability.georgetown.edu/getinvolved/thingsyoucando

4.  Help birds to avoid windows

Use decals or hang parachute cord outside windows to help prevent birds from flying into them.  Birds often hit windows because they see the reflections of trees, bushes or sky and do not see the glass.

5.  Be tolerant of predatory birds

If you hang up bird feeders, be tolerant of the predatory birds that will hunt the birds coming to the feeders.

6.  Put up barn owl boxes or nesting boxes

Put up barn owl boxes if you have appropriate habitat.  Put up small nest boxes for screech owls and kestrels.  Hang large double chambered nest boxes for barn owls.

7.  Keep your dog on leash

Please keep pets on leash when walking in open space or other areas where hawks may be nesting on the group or have babies on the ground.

8.  Learn about wildlife in our special Animal Experience Encounters

Our Private Animal Encounters allow visitors to learn and experience what it is like to work with animal ambassadors, help prepare a meal and more.  Check out classes and other programs to learn more about native California wildlife offered at Lindsay Wildlife Experience at lindsaywildlife.org

9.  If you find injured or orphaned wildlife, please call Lindsay Wildlife at 925-935-1878 to learn what to do.  Information is also available on our website at lindsaywildlife.org

10.  Visit Lindsay Wildlife 

Participate in our daily raptor presentations where you will meet one of our resident raptors. Hear the history of this magnificent animal ambassador, how we take care of the birds, and how you can help.