Lindsay Camp Behavioral Policy

The staff of Lindsay Wildlife Experience strives to provide all participants in our camps program with an educational, safe, and fun experience.

By registering for camp, you are agreeing to review the following information with your camper before arrival. This will ensure that all campers have a positive and engaging experience.

  • All campers have the right to respectful, considerate treatment, meeting of physical needs, and an atmosphere of accountability.
  • All campers have the privilege to fully participate in the camp program and activities. This privilege is offered uniformly, and portions are withdrawn only for deviation from acceptable behavior.
  • Expectations of campers, parents, and staff include:
    • Considerate treatment of all people; physically, verbally, and non-verbally.
    • Considerate treatment of Lindsay Wildlife’s animals, facilities, landscape, and materials.
    • Appropriate language at all times and in all situations.
  • Examples of inappropriate behavior include:
    • Disrupting programs
    • Refusing to follow directions
    • Using inappropriate language (swearing, slurs, derogatory remarks, etc.)
    • Bullying, threatening, or physical violence
    • Mistreatment of animals, property, or equipment

We believe that all children deserve the chance to change problematic behaviors with guidance from both our staff and support from their guardians at home. Guardians will be notified of any major issues, and we appreciate your cooperation in helping keep Lindsay Wildlife safe and enjoyable for all. Campers who exhibit persistent disciplinary issues that require excessive staff attention may be dismissed from camp for the day.