Animal Adopters

We thank all of the generous adopters of our animal ambassadors! Your generosity helps in the care, feeding and enrichment of our ambassadors.

Acorn Woodpecker*

Kris and Doug Brady, in memory of Bootsie
Ronaele J. Findley
Marilyn and Rick Fowler
Carol and Stephen Johnson

*Retired animal ambassador

American Kestrel

Jamie Costa
Catherine Mayer
Cassidy and Dave Robinson

Bald Eagle

Sue Angeli
Bryce Cribbs
Lumen Ada Hurst, in memory of Steve L. Stone
Ken and Tammy Sturgill, in memory of Kenneth Sturgill III

Band-tailed Pigeon

Brandon Cribbs
Marilyn and Rick Fowler

Barn Owl

The Estate of Betty R. Gordon
Ronell Ialeggio and Michelle Hiler
John Nakanishi
Nancy and Samantha Quevedo
Ethan Paul Radish
Kelly and Craig Ruybalid
Louis E. Stoddard III
Thomas and Mary Twist
Nan and John Walz
David Wyrick
Chad and Kim Yarbrough

Barred Owl

Sarah A. Cahill
Chuck and Linda Eyerly
Erin Marie McComb
Craig Jensen and Tracy Stigers
Carol Johnson
Ada C. Schoch

California Ground Squirrel

Keegan Barry-Holson
Glora J. Cannon-Summerhill
Terrie Rocca

California King Snake

Dean Cribbs
Tyler Cribbs
Beverly and Walter Schlehuber
The Tierney Family

California Mountain King Snake

Veronica Cribbs

California Tiger Salamander

Jorden Cribbs
Carter John McKay
Cate Penrod
Aaron W. Reeves

Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula

Sue Angeli
Belinda and Randall Harris in memory of Philip Harris

Common Raven

Marilyn and Rick Fowler
Terry Plumb-Clark

Desert Tortoise

Tyler Flora
The Morehouse Family: Megan, Zack, Max, and Isla
Harlow Newton IV

Domestic Rabbit

Dorine Dianda
Melia Herger
Samantha May
Olivia Miranda

Golden Eagle

Sue Angeli

Gopher Snake

Sue Angeli

Great Gray Owl

The Ebrahimi Family
Paul and Kay Merkoski
Kelley Pittman

Great Horned Owl

Trevor Corriveau
Daniel Shook in memory of Lisa Bissell

Greater Roadrunner

Karalee Brune
Sarah A. Cahill
Veronica Cribs in honor of Dean and Brandon Cribbs
Kevin Cross
Marilyn and Rick Fowler
Amy and Douglas Frey
Sandy King
Thurmond McWhorter
Bridget Ella Mohr
Patticia L. Rolen in memory of Roy and Mary Rolen and in honor of THE LORD GOD, CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE!!!

Guinea Pigs

Madison Cribbs
Veronica Cribbs
Kris DeLeon

Mexican Free-tailed Bats

Eric, Linda, Nora, and BB**

Mourning Dove

Madison Cribbs
Marilyn and Rick Fowler

North American Porcupine

Tomas H. Colby
Theresia Cross
The Estate of Betty R. Gordon
Sally and Earl Flage
Miles and Reed Hannay
Marla Simon

Peregrine Falcon

Toni Childress
Elise Ching
The Ellis Family
Finley and Truett Keene
Ron Kline

Red-legged Frog

Jessica Cross
Joseph Herger
Laura and Gerald Przybylski

Red-tailed Hawk

Hunter R. Bascom in memory of Patti Bascom
The Covert Family
Andrew Katersky
Katherine M. Portoni in memory of John Portoni
Melissa Townley

Turkey Vulture

Brian Cross

Virginia Opossum

Stacy and Rick Frawley
Kristi Matsudaira-Yee
Nan Siegel
Juliana and Robert Wyman

Western Pond Turtle

David and Nicole Souza

White-tailed Kite

Claire Magowan
Laura Monte