Animal Adopters

We thank all of the generous adopters of our animal ambassadors! Your generosity helps in the care, feeding and enrichment of our ambassadors.

Acorn Woodpecker

Kevin and Jessica Cross
Cynthia and Jason Haley in memory of William Grover
Carol Johnson
Ricardo Sandoval*
Shirleymae Skaredoff

*Donation made for retired animal ambassador

American Kestrel

Catherine and Scott Sandkohl

Aquatic Garter Snake

Kathleen Farros-Hoeppner

Bald Eagle

Mark Plumley

Barn Owls

Van De Poel, Levy, Thomas LLP
Karen and Jean-Pierre Deshayes
Doris Barbour’s Third Grade Class
Lamar Marutani
Chosen Fam
Evelyn Metzler in memory of Edith Gotschel
Andrea and Eliot Mintzer
Debbie Morgan and Erik Olson
Brody Prato in memory of Kathleen Georgette Rave
Terri Shamroukh
Marian Taylor in honor of a wonderful mother and daughter-in-law

Barred Owl

Kevin and Jessica Cross
Ashley Griffin
Carol Johnson
Loie Thomas

California Kingsnake

Evan Chinn
Ketsani Rujiphan
Benjamin Russell
Marian Taylor

California Tiger Salamander

Mike and Sharon Bardy
Natalie Reeder

Common Chuckwalla

Lakshmi Venturi, in memory of our neighborhood lizard

Desert Tortoise

Abbie and Zach Adams
Ellie Rolnitzky
Otrattw The Switch Guys

Domestic Rabbit

Elizabeth McDonnell in memory of Loretta Wade McDonnell
Helen and Edward Pereira
Ashish Pujari

Domestic Rats

Jennifer Stanger and Daniel Fentress “in memory of our domestic rat”

Golden Eagle

Kelly Janssen

Gopher Snake

Allison Bray
Rebecca Davis
Miriam Delay-Friant in memory of Andre Friant
Sienna Kocik

Great Gray Owl

Susan Curry Sykes
Hans, Leanne, Marcia, David, Chimi and June Metzler in memory of Edith Gotschel, a lady who loved to feed the birds

Great Horned Owl

Toni Childress
Clare Cross
Jamil Moledina
Mrs. Pike’s 2nd Grade Class
Barbara Walker
Sharon Yool

Greater Roadrunner

April Moore

Guinea Pigs

Catherine A. Cook
Araceli Flores
Ashish Pujari

Mexican Free-tailed Bats

Amanda Tellez

Mourning Dove

Kevin and Jessica Cross
Lawrence Davis
Leonard Liu
Hans, Leanne, Marcia, David, Chimi and June Metzler in memory of Edith Gotschel, a lady who loved to feed the birds

Northern Alligator Lizard

Katherine Davis

Northern American Porcupine

Melissa Buttrum
Lionel Keene
Kristi Matsudaira-Yee


Talia Golin
Josiane Hable
Barbara Vincent
Gina Zagotta

Peregrine Falcon

Tina Bonfield
Diane Dorn
Carole Mason “in memory of my parents, Lee and Sophia Peregrine”
Gerald Meloy
Evelyn Metzler in memory of Edith Gotschel
Amy Montano
Peter Smith
Holly Swyers
Kai M. Tung


Fred Deltorchio
Rod Lucich
Lauren Marks-Stevens
Moses Maynez

Red-tailed Hawk

Van De Poel, Levy, Thomas LLP
Teena Bonfield
Derek Cross
Aaron Ehresman in memory of “my dad and grandpa”

Southern Alligator Lizard

Debbie Fowler in memory of Rick Eaker
Ronell Ialeggio and Rhett


Preethi Ramaswamy

Turkey Vulture

Kimberly Bryant
Otrattw The Switch Guys
Doug Wynn
Julia Youhas

Western Pond Turtle

Joe Barge
Maggie Barge
Elizabeth Davis
Preethi Ramaswamy

White-tailed Kite

Burt and Carloyn Kallander
Sydney Kanazawa
Eileen Ladarre
Amy and Michael McDonough in memory of James Kasardo
Lisa Wu