Not-So-Scary Animals for Halloween/Bay Area Science Festival

Not all “scary” animals are really scary! Meet some Not-So-Scary Animals for Halloween as part of Bay Area Science Festival events at Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek. Lindsay Wildlife Museum is the first ever science festival partner in Contra Costa.

Bay Area Science Festival events at the museum include:

Saturday October 26, Sunday October 27,
Wednesday October 30, and Thursday October 31
Not-So-Scary Animals for Halloween
Encounter live animals like a bat,  an owl, a spider, a snake, or a vulture, in family-friendly presentations.
While You Were Sleeping—Why do some animals stay up all night? How do they find their way?
Creepy Crawlies—How do animals that slither and creep help the environment?
Animal Myths—Are bats blind? Are snakes poisonous? Can a toad give you warts? Learn fact vs. fiction.

Sunday, October 27
Hands-On Sun Science
Explore the science of Earth’s own star.
Cosponsored by Mount Diablo Astronomical Society
Bee Dancing
Dance the honey bee “waggle”—to music!
Watch live honey bees do the “waggle” dance in our Hive Alive! exhibit.
Learn how bees dance to tell other bees where the nectar is, and how they use the sun to give the best travel directions.

Monday, October 28, 10 AM-NOON
Mini Monday—Animals of the Night
Young scientists age 2-5, with an adult, discover nocturnal animals and their night life through live animal visits, crafts, and games. Cost is per child.

Don’t miss our newest exhibit The Burrow. Go “underground” to explore the world of wildlife beneath our feet. True-to-life animal models, wildlife puppets, rhyming verses, handpainted art, and peekholes to watch live animals in action draw visitors into the habitat just below Earth’s surface.

For more information or prices go to or call 925-935-1978. Lindsay Wildlife Museum is located at 1931 First Ave., Walnut Creek, adjacent to Larkey Park. The museum is open Wednesday-Friday from NOON to 5 PM and Saturday-Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM. General admission is $8.50/adults; $6.50/children ages 2-17; $7.50/seniors age 65 and up, free for members.

Lindsay Wildlife Museum connects people with wildlife to inspire responsibility and respect for the world we share. The museum is a unique natural history and environmental education center where wild live animals are just inches away from visitors. The museum includes the first wildlife rehabilitation hospital established in the U.S.

Special thanks to our media sponsors for Bay Area Science Festival events at the museum, Diablo Magazine and KKDV Radio.

Photo credit: Paul Hara

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