Wild Times Summer Camp at Lindsay Wildlife Museum


Emily Tozzi, Education Program Manager, [email protected]/925-627-2930   

Have grandchildren visiting this summer? Are your kids’ summer mornings booked with school or sports? Lindsay Wildlife Museum’s Wild Times Summer Camp offers four weeklong, afternoon sessions full of learning, animals and fun. Register online now at wildlife-museum.org for these camps:

Dino Mania, June 24-28—What was the Earth was like when dinosaurs were alive? How do scientists find out about the past? Meet birds and reptiles that are some of the dinosaurs’ closest living relatives.

Animal Habitats, July 8-12—Discover habitats you would find from your own backyard to the highest mountain or deepest ocean. Learn how important habitats are to endangered species.

Body Shop, July 22-26—Practice first aid for pets (and yourself) while you learn what animals need when they’re sick or injured. How are animal bodies the same or not the same?

Animal Senses, July 29-Aug 2—How are human and other animal senses different? How do animals’ senses help them survive, from high in the sky to underground?

Lindsay Wildlife Museum connects people with wildlife to inspire responsibility and respect for the world we share. The museum is located at 1931 First Avenue, Walnut Creek, CA, adjacent to Larkey Park. For more information, visit wildlife-museum.org or call 925-935-1978.

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