Lindsay Wildlife Alliance

The Lindsay Wildlife Alliance is an organization of volunteer women who support Lindsay Wildlife and have done so for 60 years. The Alliance was originally started by Barbara Lindsay in 1955, wife of founder Sandy Lindsay.

In 1955, a small group of citizens, headed by Alexander “Sandy” Lindsay, formed a non-profit corporation called the Diablo Junior Museum. At the same time, a small group of volunteers known as the Alliance was formed. Its purpose was to contribute to the support of the Museum.

Alliance members began their first-ever Christmas Boutique, which began as an invitation-only event, soon morphed into a crowd who stood in line for the doors to open and provide generous monetary support for the Diablo Junior Museum.

In the 1960s, the Lindsay Wildlife Alliance expanded its fundraising efforts by selling homemade lunches and providing transportation to a baseball game at Candlestick Park between the Giants and the Phillies in May of 1963. The volunteers of the Alliance also hosted a benefit performance by the Fantastics later that same year.

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Now, with strong dedication and support to Lindsay, the Alliance helps raise money for Lindsay’s education and rehabilitation programs through their annual spring brunch and speaker series, as well as continuing their holiday boutique event.