Corporate Team-Building with PALEOVENTURES

Fire-building team exercise
Fire-building team exercise

Paleoventures LogoLooking for a unique and challenging setting for your next teambuilding training or exercise? Offer your employees a memorable experience in a natural setting by working with Lindsay Wildlife Experience and PALEOVENTURES!

Lindsay partners with PALEOVENTURES to offer one day, off-site training for corporate teams of up to 25 participants. Your training will be held at Lindsay Wildlife Experience and the adjacent Larkey Park area.

Jack Foley teaching participants how to tell time by using the sun as a guide

During the day, your team will learn and practice real outdoor survival skills from Jack Foley, an experienced wilderness educator. Some of the skills your employees will learn are: building a fire; how to collect water in the wilderness; and how to tell time by using the sun.

Following each of the team activities, Trudy Triner, Organizational Development Professional, will lead the team in a debrief discussion on-site at Lindsay. Topics for the debfrief will include: how the team worked together; what strengths emerged; how the communication flowed; how problems were solved; and how the the team will translate their experience into their work environment.

Jack and Trudy Paleo
Jack Foley and Trudy Triner, owners of PALEOVENTURES

For more information on corporate team training with PALEOVENTURES, contact the Marketing Membership and Events Coordinator at Lindsay Wildlife by calling (925) 627-2926 or emailing [email protected]. Our coordinator will act as your contact person with PALEOVENTURES staff.