At Lindsay Wildlife, we are committed to ensuring that wildlife in our community not only survives, but truly thrives.

Please make a donation and join us in championing a world where wildlife thrives. Our $2.5 million annual fundraising campaign will help us reach exciting 2024 goals, including:

Treating over 5,000 ill, injured, and orphaned wild animals, comprised of 150 unique species, in our Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital. At least 2,000 of the animals we treat will be newborns and babies.

Empowering over 80,000 adults and children to live harmoniously with nature through their visit to our Museum.

Caring for our 60 beloved Animal Ambassadors including Penelope the Porcupine, Lord Richard the Turkey Vulture, and Atsa the Bald Eagle.

Educating more 11,000 local school children through our teacher-approved field trips and classroom programs that instill a lifelong appreciation for nature and wildlife.

Breaking ground on the Nature Cove, a new, immersive hands-on outdoor exhibit area.

Together, let’s build a future where wildlife flourishes for generations to come.